January 23, 2016

7:30 a.m.

McElhattan, PA


The Frozen Snot course traverses some ground that you will not see in either the Megatransect or Eagle Trek.  There are portions of Bald Eagle Mountain that require mid-winter conditions for reasonable access.  For those that have done either event, some of the course will be familiar.  The centerpieces of The Frozen Snot are Mt. Logan Direct and the Ridge.  We have also extended the Goat Path to the top of the mountain adding 300 more feet of climbing.  The 2016 edition retains a second climb of Mt. Logan on a different alignment from Mt. Logan Direct.

Aside from the road that links the start to Zindel Park, you can expect a mix of rocky, gnarly ups and downs combined with some streamside cruising.  There is no way to tell if we will have two feet of snow, glaze ice or no snow.  We will keep updating trail conditions closer to January 23th.


All participants are REQUIRED to have available (wearing or in your pack) some sort of traction device, such as Kahtoola Microspikes, Hillsound Trail Crampons, Yaktrax or "screw shoes" (shoes with short sheet metal screws in the sole to provide traction).  After trying them all, we recommend Kahtoola Microspikes!

No kit - No go  - No argument - No whining.

A lot of our route is on trails that we know well.  Believe it or not, there IS some exposure in spots where a fall could result in injury or death.  Two days after the 2013 Snot we had an ice storm.  Had the race been held on that day, no one would have moved without some sort of spikes.


Also, if you generally don't use trekking poles, you may want to reconsider for The Frozen Snot.  And remember - two poles are more than twice as effective as one.  If the East Kammerdiner Run is not frozen you should have dry socks in your pack.  Wet feet and and cold temperatures can lead to frostbite.

Running or hiking in winter conditions on a challenging course requires preparation and planning for your clothing and gear.  YOU are responsible for making good choices.  NO COTTON clothing whatsoever, once wet with sweat, rain, snow or ice you can get hypothermic very quickly.  In mild weather you can easily get away with poor or uninformed choices; winter is a different ball game.  The race director reserves the right to not let a person start if he feels that an entrant is not suitably equipped or dressed.

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